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can i do android application development using a verizon phone -- HTC or Droid??? note that my application leverages bluetooth-connectivity, and the emulator does not emulate bluetooth....

my understanding is that SIM-unlocked phones such as the Nexus One will not work with carriers such as Verizon.... i'm already a Verizon customer, and would like to avoid purchasing a second phone, if possible....

what settings, if any, do i need to enable in my Verizon phone to proceed???

thanks in advance....

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In the settings of your phone there is a 'developer' selection, this turns on the ability to use USB to upload programs and debug them. That is all you need to do to develop/debug. See here.

And, since Verizon uses CDMA and the SIM phones are GSM, there is no cross compatibility in the networks (you can't use a verizon phone on ATT/T-Mobile and vice-versa) so you will have to buy another phone.

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You can do development on emulator (this is much easier since emulator supports many hardware configurations), then test-run your software on real device. As I heard, only AT&T blocked installation of applications not via Market, but also I heard that they abandoned this limitation. So it's a question of preference.

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as i clearified in the question above, i'm using bluetooth in my app and hence need to use a "real" phone from the outset –  BiosBob Dec 5 '10 at 17:55

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