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Is it possible to use maven-antrun-plugin for the exec phase/goal.

currently I use the following but it does not work:


Of course if anybody knows a way around the ${env.COMSPEC} hack on windows that would be welcome as well.

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It looks like the plugin is used to run an arbitrary executable and not an ant task which should ideally not have OS-specific check.

Perhaps you should look at Exec Maven Plugin?

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Of course I looked at the exec-maven-plugin plug-in. The “for phase exec” is a dead give away ;-) BTW: I don't run an executable but an external script file. And for a script not only the script is OS dependent but the call itself as well as Windows does not support a shebang. And for this I am migrating away from exec-maven-plugin. – Martin Dec 6 '10 at 10:29

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