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This is my first post and I have am concerned that some might think I have bothered trying to solve the problem myself, so forgive me if I rant on. I am currently trying to develop a set of functions for importing an xml document and creating a basic object from it.

Currently I have this code looking for all xml files in a directory and displaying the file names in a listbox. Overall there's about 10,000 xml files so it take a while to load.

public void CreateLibrary()
        List<string> fixtureList = new List<String>();
        string[] dirs = Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\Windows.old\Users\Michael\Desktop\Application_ DEV\XMLData", "*.xml",
foreach (string dir in dirs)
            string fixture = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(dir);


What I would like to happen is when the user selects a new listbox item, the url for the file is passed to a GetData function. see below:

selection change event

private void lbxLibrary_SelectionChanged(object sender, System.Windows.Controls.SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
            Fixture fixture = new Fixture();
           lblFixtureName.Text = fixture.GetModelName("C:\Windows.old\Users\Michael\Desktop\Application_ DEV\XMLData\\ExampleData.xml");

GetModelName function - this is in a different class.

        public string GetModelName(string url)
        //Import fixture xml 
        XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument();

        XmlNodeList xnList = xml.SelectNodes("/FixtureModel/");

        foreach (XmlNode xn in xnList)
            ModelName = xn["ModelName"].InnerText;

        return ModelName;


I current get an 'XmlException was unhandled' error in the GetModelName function.

The exact line I am having issues appears to be where I am passing the directory location in.


Does anybody have any ideas on what I am doing wrong.

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1) LoadXml is used to parse a string containing an XML document. Load is used to parse XML retrieved from a URL.

2) You're not properly escaping characters in the URL, as you will find once you use the right method. Either double your backslashes or prefix the string with an @ sign.

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Got this working perfectly now. Had a few other errors to sort out and am still working on a few bits and bobs. This problem has been solved. Cheers for all your help. –  Michael Dec 5 '10 at 21:32

You should use Load instead of LoadXml: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/875kz807.aspx

LoadXml accepts string in XML format instead of Url.

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