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I am trying to edit some inode data. However, when I read any inode, I only get zeros or invalid data. Here are the main steps of what I am doing:

//reading, say inode number 15 - it belongs to group 0, and it's a valid inode  
int inode_no=15
//buffer to hold inode structure  
struct ext2_inode inode_buffer_test1;
//points to the start of group descriptor structure. It is correct, I have validated the results with dumpe2fs.  
struct ext2_group_desc *grpdesc;  
//file descriptor of a device file holding ext2 FS, opened in O_RDONLY mode  
int fd; 


lseek64(fd,(long long)grpdesc[0].bg_inode_table*BLOCK_SIZE + sizeof(struct ext2_inode)*(inode_no-1),SEEK_SET);  
read(fd,&inode_buffer_test1,sizeof(struct ext2_inode));  
printf("file size=%d, blocks=%d\n",inode_buffer_test1.i_size,inode_buffer_test1.i_blocks);  

All I get is zero or some times invalid data for other inodes. I have tested with different inode numbers got from "ls -i filename" command and verified the data with "stat filename". The group descriptor, however, is correct and so is the location of the inode table (verified using dumpe2fs).

I have also tried to get inode information using the "lde" tool (lde -i 15 /dev/sdb1). It also gives invalid data. Please let me know what I am missing here.

Thanks in advance, Maliha

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Is BLOCK_SIZE correct? I'd verify that the offset calculation corresponds to what is shown using od.

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I am using BLOCK_SIZE as: ((EXT2_MIN_BLOCK_SIZE)<<(super_block.s_log_block_size)) I read the inode table block in hex using lde and od - both shows invalid data for the inodes. Is there any metadata/header in the start of the inode table itself? Thanks for your response :) –  Maliha Sultana Dec 7 '10 at 6:02
What file is opened as fd? Is it the raw device, or is it a partition on the device? Does *grpdesc look okay? –  wallyk Dec 7 '10 at 6:36
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