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Can someone help me convert the string 14/04/2010 10:14:49.PM to datetime in C#.net without losing the time format?

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What do you mean by without losing the time format? –  Mark Byers Dec 5 '10 at 20:14

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var date = DateTime.ParseExact(@"14/04/2010 10:14:49.PM", @"dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.tt", null);

For string representation use

date.ToString(@"dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.tt");

Also you can create extention method like this:

    public enum MyDateFormats

    public static string GetFormattedDate(this DateTime date, MyDateFormats format)
       string result = String.Empty;
          case MyDateFormats.FirstFormat:
             result = date.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.tt");
         case MyDateFormats.SecondFormat:
             result = date.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");

       return result;
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The string representation should use hh instead of HH. During parsing the difference is not that big but for output you would get 23h instead of 11h (PM) –  jdehaan Dec 5 '10 at 20:25
Yes you are right, updated. –  Andrew Orsich Dec 5 '10 at 20:27
Doesn't compile. –  Hans Passant Dec 5 '10 at 20:46
The extension method also needs to be static. –  Tim Jarvis Dec 5 '10 at 20:54
ohh, yes. It just because i haven't vs near me. Updated. –  Andrew Orsich Dec 6 '10 at 10:57
DateTime result =DateTime.ParseExact(@"14/04/2010 10:14:49.PM", @"dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss.tt",null);

You can now see the PM or AM and null value for format provider

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DateTime.ParseExact(@"14/04/2010 10:14:49.PM", @"dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss");
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DateTime.Parse(@"14/04/2010 10:14:49.PM");

that should work, not near VS at the moment so i cannot try it

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this has an ambiguous date/month format, so that won't work in some scenarios –  Myster Dec 5 '10 at 20:18
I agree with Myster. The behaviour is locale dependent. –  jdehaan Dec 5 '10 at 20:23
Assuming this is the correct format of DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo , this should work. –  MerickOWA Dec 5 '10 at 20:24

Use convert function

using System;
using System.IO;

namespace stackOverflow
    class MainClass
        public static void Main (string[] args)

            Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToDateTime("14/04/2010 10:14:49.PM"));

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THis was throwing error so I had to user parse –  dotnetrocks Dec 5 '10 at 20:28

I recommend using DateTime.ParseExact as the Parse method behaves slightly differently according to the current thread locale settings.

    "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss.tt", null)
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