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what im trying to do:

input in an edit box, write it to a memo box line on button click, when a 0 or -1 is entered move on to next line of edit box


procedure TForm1.btnReadClick(Sender: TObject);

c, i, j : integer;
ch2 : Char;
txt1, txt2 : string;

c := StrToInt(edt2.Text);   //input    
ch2 := Converteer(c);       //input gets converted to Char

if memC.Lines.Count = 0 then  //start value when memo box empty
    i := 0;
    j := 0;
    txt1 :='';
    txt2 :='';

if c = 0 then         //text naar memo       
i := i + 1;                   // next line ?!?        these two seem not to work        
txt1 := '';                   // empty string ?!?     these two seem not to work         
txt2 := memT.Lines[j] + ch2;    

else if c = -1 then   //same, it appears 'i' is maybe reset everytime button is pressed

    i := i + 1;
    j := j + 1;
    txt1 := '';
    txt2 := '';

else if c >= 0 then   // a t/m z

 txt1 := memC.Lines[i] + IntToStr(c);        
 txt2 := memT.Lines[j] + ch2;

memC.Lines[i] := txt1;         //write string to line  , [i] should specify the wich line    
memT.Lines[j] := txt2;         // same


i cant find where/how it goes wrong, it be awesome if someone could give me a hand.

greetz peter

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The variables i, j, txt1, txt2 are uninitialised if the memo box memC is not empty. You set them to 0/empty if it is - what are you expecting them to be in other cases? Note that their values won't be preserved across multiple button clicks, because you've declared them as local to this function...

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okay thanks, at start memC is always empty in my case, but i think that making them not local (global?) might solve my problem. ill google how that works, be right back :) –  peter Dec 5 '10 at 21:56
alright, that pretty much did it. one part isnt working though. –  peter Dec 5 '10 at 22:07
i have 2 memo boxes, one gets input directly ('i' variabel box) and the other one gets input after convertion. somehow only the 'i' memo isnt working properly now. after moving to the next line it no longer shows input in the 'i' memo. although the other one is working perfectly fine. any ideas? –  peter Dec 5 '10 at 22:10
weird part is that code for both memo boxes is nearly the same –  peter Dec 5 '10 at 22:47
It's kind of hard to say without being able to see the code. If this is part of the same problem, then please update the question (including the new code); if it's a separate issue in the same code please ask a new question (and post the link here if you like). –  psmears Dec 6 '10 at 15:05

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