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I have no experience with twitter other than using it and I can't figure out if I need the Twitter API to accomplish this or just using a generic user search and jQuery. My platform is PHP can someone give me a brief roadmap how to accomplish the following tasks....

page 1 (a widget) pull latest 5 tweets given a list of users (Moe, Curly and Larry) --- this will never work because 50 tweets will happen before the "last 5" ever get back but thats what the client wants --- this will display full name of the user --- this will display the date/time --- this will contain a link to view all from last 24 hours

page 2 (after clicking view all) - the last 24 hours of our users page sorted newest first Paginated @ 50 tweets per page

Moe says - tweet one

Curly says - tweet one

Moe says - tweet two

Larry says - tweet one

Do I need the API to accomplish this? Any thoughts ideas greatly appreciated.

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You could just use statuses/user_timeline to retrieve the timeline of each of the users on your list. It also allows paging through results (for your second case).

Essentially: http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=Moe

Once you decode the JSON (or XML if you prefer), all the user information (name, etc) is part of each status object.

You'll have to be careful with rate limits, and probably do some kind of caching.

If you want real-time results, you could just use the Streaming API with a follow filter, and you'll get a real-time stream of all posts by users on your list. At that point you just need to store the results, and then use that data (instead of API calls to statuses/user_timeline).

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If you want to avoid using the api you can also just access each users rss feed, parse through the xml, and display the tweets you need. If you are using the old school twitter home page, you'll see an rss link on each users profile. You just need to use the follow url and replace the last numbers with the user id you want to view:

http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/16957564.rss <--- this takes you to my rss feed

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