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I am creating a new boost::thread using boost::bind, and storing it in a boost::shared_ptr.
I am passing a function and argument to the boost::thread, but when the thread is started, it does not correctly call the copy constructor for the function argument.

The thread creation method I'm using is a very common Boost pattern, so I don't think that's where the problem is:

void myclass::myfunc() {
   Workflow wfOriginal;
       new boost::thread(boost::bind(&myclass::anotherfunc, this, wfOriginal)));
// ...
void myclass::anotherfunc(Workflow wfCopied) {
   // Doing something

I am trying to copy the Workflow from myfunc() to anotherfunc().
Workflow contains a collection, so I have provided a copy constructor that copies the elements inside the existing collection to the new Workflow.

Unfortunately, when anotherfunc() is called by the new thread, the collection inside wfCopied is empty!
I can tell that the Workflow object was partially copied, because other members like strings and ints have been copied, but the elements in the collection have not.

I have verified that the copy constructor works correctly by testing it with this code:

Workflow wf;
// ... insert some elements into wf...
Workflow wf1 = wf;
// wf1 has the same elements

I want to emphasize that my tests showed me that Workflow's copy constructor works fine.
But for completeness, here is the copy constructor for Workflow:

Workflow::Workflow(const Workflow& workflow) {
    this->_id = workflow._id;
    Workflow::TaskCollectionConstIterator it;
    for (it = (this->_tasks).begin(); it < (this->_tasks).end(); it++)

Can anyone help me?

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Is this your real code? use of wf both as a parameter name on myclass::anotherFunc and as a class member seems suspect. – Steve Townsend Dec 5 '10 at 22:02
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It seems your copy constructor is flawed. You're copying from your empty vector to your vector. Which results in nothing being copied.

I think you mean:

for (it = (workflow->_tasks).begin(); it < (workflow->_tasks).end(); it++)
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You're right... but nothing changes... – Andry Dec 5 '10 at 21:55
OK well, the problem was another one, :) anyway, this was a bug too!! THANKS for your help... what a stupid bug.... did I really make such a stupid mistake? – Andry Dec 5 '10 at 23:42
I just compiled some test code that conceptually does what you're trying. I get the expected results. Perhaps there is something else that is being missed in your code snippets. – tallganglyguy Dec 6 '10 at 2:19

Do you know what constructor initialization list is? And why exactly do you clear container in constructor?

Workflow::Workflow(const Workflow& workflow): _id(workflow._id),
    _tasks(workflow._tasks.begin(), workflow._tasks.end()) 
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