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I am working with PDO in PHP.

Now I wonder if you could catch any global error and show.

With global i mean if any $sql=$connect->prepare() fails, then echo out

"Something went wrong:" . the_error

Or would you need to always do it invidually each $sql ?

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You can do it using PDO::errorInfo()


That's about as global as youre going to get.

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You could always catch exceptions thrown by the PDO class.

    ...new PDO('odbc:SAMPLE', 'db2inst1',...
catch(PDOException $exception)
    echo "Failed: " . $exception->getMessage();
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I don't think that PDO Object throws an exception in all error cases. At least it is not like that in the following code (no parameters provided): $sql = "SELECT * FROM user` WHERE username = :username AND password = :password"; $statement = $pdo->prepare($sql); $statement->execute();` –  ehsun7b Jun 5 '12 at 6:53

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