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In monorail I'm trying to create a url rewriting rule to give friendly urls to article posts. Here's what the urls look like:


And here's the code in global.asax.cs to rewrite the urls:

                new PatternRoute("/<year>/<month>/<day>/<title>")

This works great, however if there is an exclamation point in the url:


Then it doesn't match the rewriting rule and errors out, saying the controller "2010" cannot be found. What am I missing here, is this a bug in monorail?

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Perhaps the default matching mechanism of Monorail's routing is not accepting exclamation mark, thus the route does not match and the default /controller/action rule is matched instead, failing since no 2010 controller exists.

A quick workaround could be to to restrict the title to the exact expression that fits your needs. e.g.: .Restring("title").ValidRegex("[-_.+!*'() a-zA-Z0-9]+]")

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