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I have this simple set up:


mydir  pipetest.sh

Now I do:


And then I get

  file.tar.bz2  mydir  pipe  pipetest.sh

My question is: Why did the file named pipe get created? It contains some characters that could not be seen using vi. What's going on?

pipetest.sh contains:


tar cf pipe $directory_name
bzip2 -c < pipe > file.tar.bz2
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tar cf pipe $directory_name writes the tar file to a file named pipe.

What you want to do is using the actual pipe:

tar c $directory_name | bzip2 > file.tar.bz2

Or simply use

tar cjf file.tar.bz2 $directory_name
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tar -cf pipe

creates a tar file named "pipe" in the current directory.

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