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I'm trying to generate Java Web Start files using PHP. Right now I'm just sending a Content-Type header, which works for me, but some users are having problems. I think using the correct file extension would make it work; is there a way to execute PHP code in other file types, or alternatively redirect a .jnlp URL (with query string) to a PHP script?

I tried using various AddType/AddHandler directives in an .htaccess, but none of them have any effect; is there another way?

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Via mod rewrite it should work with this code snippet (save as .htaccess):

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*).jnlp$ $1.php

Now when entering asdf.jnlp you should be redirected (internally) to asdf.php ;-)

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I think you have to put your AddType/Handler in httpd.conf and nott in .htaccess. Do you have access to the former?

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The site is on a shared hosting account for now, so I do not. Is there a way to use mod_rewrite to do this? –  phpscriptcoder Dec 6 '10 at 3:13

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