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I'm making a basic file browser and want to know how to get the number of files in any given directory (necessary for the for loops that add the files to the tree and table)

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From javadocs:

You can use:

new File("/path/to/folder").listFiles().length
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Note that listFiles() excludes certain entries. The javadoc says "pathnames denoting the directory itself and the directory's parent directory are not included in the result." –  Stephen C Dec 6 '10 at 3:30
Fortunately, that matches most people's expectations (although it differs from, say, ls) –  Thilo Dec 6 '10 at 4:27
In case it's not obvious... listFiles() is allocating an array and populating it with a File instance for every file in the directory. You might want to be careful using this method if the directory can potentially have a huge number of files. –  Tom Fennelly Mar 14 '14 at 9:55

as for java 7 :

 * Returns amount of files in the folder
 * @param dir is path to target directory
 * @throws NotDirectoryException if target {@code dir} is not Directory
 * @throws IOException if has some problems on opening DirectoryStream
public static int getFilesCount(Path dir) throws IOException, NotDirectoryException {
    int c = 0;
    if(Files.isDirectory(dir)) {
        try(DirectoryStream<Path> files = Files.newDirectoryStream(dir)) {
            for(Path file : files) {
                if(Files.isRegularFile(file) || Files.isSymbolicLink(file)) {
                    // symbolic link also looks like file
        throw new NotDirectoryException(dir + " is not directory");

    return c;
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how is this better from the other answers? –  Supuhstar May 11 '13 at 15:23
This misuses NoSuchFieldException. That is supposed to mean that a class or object doesn't have a particular field (variable/constant) within it. –  Supuhstar May 11 '13 at 15:28
For different versions of jdk have different ways how to get the number of files in a folder. –  cane May 12 '13 at 5:56
as far as I know, the above methods work fine in Java 7 –  Supuhstar May 12 '13 at 15:33
You still haven't said how your technique is any better than that of the accepted answer. Please update your answer with all relevant information as to why you think such a complex piece of code is required –  Supuhstar May 16 '13 at 2:49

new File(<directory path>).listFiles().length

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