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I have a php which would check for certain value if it exists in a mysql database. If the value does not exists, it would simply add the value and refresh the page once to load the page again and now it has a value in the database, would go ahead to add other values. How do I refresh page just once when it is called ?

 $sname = "W3 schools C# tutorials";//$_POST["sitename"];
 $stype = "C#";//$_POST["sitetype"];
 $saddy = "www.w3schools.com";//$_POST["siteaddress"];
 $scomm = "W3 schools C# tutorials";//$_POST["sitecomment"];

 $conn = mysql_connect("localhost","root","password");

   die("Could not connect: ".mysql_error());
 } else {
   $rs = mysql_query("select TypeId from bookmarktypes where TypeName = '$stype'");
   $row = mysql_fetch_array($rs);
   if($row > 0 ){
     //Data found, continue to add...
   } else {
    //No data... insert a valid one
    $rs = mysql_query("insert into bookmarktypes (TypeName) values ('$stype')");
    if (!$rs){
      die('Error: ' . mysql_error());
    } else {
    //echo "inserted new type data...";
    //echo "</html>";
  //Refresh page once

There's the comment to refresh page below after mysql close command.

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if you need to print the data that you just have entered try this

header('Location: YourShowDataPage.php?id='.$_POST['id_dataEntered'])

mi apologizes if is wrong , im a begginer

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Quick notice: instantly printing a $_POST variable without sanitizing the content could lead to cross site scripting vunerabilities –  Paradoxis May 9 at 7:43
echo "\"<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"2;url=http://yourwebsite.com/\">\"\n";
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Hmmm.... I think it would be better if it's a native php method to refresh the page ? What do you think ? –  thotheolh Dec 6 '10 at 3:49
Oh ya.......... –  m.qayyum Dec 6 '10 at 4:02

Refresh it right after insert with

header('Location: url here');

Btw, read a little about sql injections

Also - mysql_close() is pointless there.

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He should use PDO instead. Also good think to learn about injections, but better to use PDO parameterized queries. Also he should not output anything else he is going to get an error when redirecting. –  Alfred Dec 6 '10 at 3:29
You should add the usual warning with header: make sure you do not output anything before using it. +1 for the SQL injection memo. –  Guillaume Bodi Dec 6 '10 at 3:30
Thanks. I would get to the sql injection part when the function is running. –  thotheolh Dec 6 '10 at 3:47

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