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I'd like to know the identities of users who come to my website by clicking on a link in my native application.

Could my app populate the referer field with a unique user ID?

Does the referer field have to be a valid URL?

Will Google Analytics handle a referer that isn't a URL?

I could mockup a URL like http://www.user.com/656 where 656 is the user ID.

Any caveats?

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Good question. On one hand, i have remapped quite a few of these GA Fields (including Referral) and i have never had a problem. In addition, doing so is core functionality in GA (see below); in other words (as i am sure you know) GA actually provides its users with the templates (via Advanced Filters) to munge these Fields beyond recognition. Advanced Filters)

On the other hand, i can think of one situation (only one actually) in which i believe Google would object and that's the case where the replacement information violates the GA Privacy Policy. In particular, displaying or storing or tracking via GA any personally identifiable information violates the Policy [italics are mine, not a quote from the GA Privacy Policy].

The actual definition from Google:

Personal information is information that personally identifies you, such as your name, email address or billing information, or other data which can be reasonably linked to such information

Is a unique user ID, personally identifiable information? There is a difference between data intended to clearly distinguish one user from another, and data intended to identify each user. The distinction might depend on security--i.e., how easily could someone who had in their possession a list of your unique user IDs, discover the user identifies behind them?

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Technically, the referrer header just specifies a URL. If you want to construct "fake" URLs, come up with a URI scheme specific to your application. Something like userid:656.

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