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Alright, so I'm still trying to make my players movements relative to the camera. I got a good answer here But he ends it with: s(Jx x̂ + Jy ŷ)

So how can I turn that equation into a x and y?

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Why don't you ask this as a comment on that answer first? –  ShreevatsaR Dec 6 '10 at 5:25
It looks like all the information you need is in the answer to the previous question ... unless you want someone to write the code for you. –  Stephen C Dec 6 '10 at 6:53

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s (Jx + Jy ŷ)

is the equation to get a new point. Jx and Jy are the values from the joystick (x-value and y-value), s your speed (the higher, the faster) and , ŷ are the x- and y-vectors from your coordinate system set by the camera (you have to compute those every time you compute a new movement)

So take these values, use the formula and you'll get a new player coordinate in the normal x/y plane. (iaw, the result is a point with an x and a y component, which are you x and y values)

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