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I am new to android. And we already have an project on android and I am supposed to develop an application that will do the API dependency checking on Android. I have to check whatever APIs we use will successfully run and are not deprecated in the newer Android version or Google APi version. So for this i have to write an Testing application. Do I need to write an Android test application or normal Java application can do this? I tried writing Java application and giving some basic calls from it but I get lots errors like import com.google.common. cannot be resolved TYPE_MAP not supported Lists cannot be resolved

and basically the first error cannot be resolved. So do i need to create an android test application?


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Your requirement is whatever API you are using should successfully run on the android.So right an android test application and make sure whether it is compiling or deprecated one.

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Yes thanks,I wrote an Java application and now i can test the API. –  Sweety Dec 8 '10 at 10:09

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