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Could you please let me know is there any way to backup and restore Oracle 9i database through Sql Developer.

I've been asked to do it though I am a developer and don't have DBA rights.

Thanks in advance, Savitha

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This question on dba.stackexchange answers your question: – Sachin Sharma May 28 '13 at 9:14

No. Not really. You should use RMAN to do backup and recovery.

Check out the Backup and Recovery roadmap for where you should learn about 9i backup.

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The GUI to use for backup and recovery is Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid- or Datbase console. To check where OEM is running log on to the database server. Set your environment to the database and run

#> emctl status dbconsole 
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It is not possible to do backup & recovery thru sql developer. You should use RMAN.

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In Oracles SQL Developer click in the menue bar on Extras-> Database Copy. Worked for me.

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You can use the Export Tables and Import Tables actions from the Tools menu item as an alternative to backup and restore, if all you need is to keep a copy of just the data.

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