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Basically we need a custom diagram component in our new WPF based application.
Needs to show text/lines, linked 2D Nodes and custom images apart from the other diagramming features like Undo/Redo, Align, Group, etc.. ala Visio.

The initial team did a bit of investigation and settled on the WinForms Northwoods GoDiagrams suite... a solution to embed it in our WPF application. Are there any equivalent WPF diagramming packages out there yet? Preferably tried ones. Thanks..

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My colleague has been using WpfDiagram from MindFusion for the last two weeks and says that it's an excellent product.

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Mindscape provide a WPF Flow Diagram component which includes a base library that exposes nodes, connections, etc. Includes grouping, undo/redo and the features you mention.

Not free, but there is a trial to see if it meets your needs.

Mindscape WPF Flow Diagrams

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Mindscape and MindFusion are two different companies, I first got confused by the names. –  Nils May 11 '09 at 12:34

What about WPF Diagram Designer - this one is free. Is there someone with any experience with this?

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We did use it in XCase (xcase.codeplex.com) and it does not scale well. The tool gets laggy when there is a lot of nodes and lines on the canvas. –  j_maly Apr 5 '12 at 17:46

Just remember DO NOT choose Syncfusion.

I've been suffering from it when developing WPF Application. There are so many bugs in it.

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