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I am trying to use Ibatis with GWT and I have this scenario, I have databases tables Airport, Terminals and Flights. An airport can have different terminals. A terminal can have one Airport and many flights. And a flight can have one terminal. So the table structure looks like this.

Airport -id -name -terminal_id

Terminals -id -name -flight_id

Flights -id -airline -terminal_id

My select statement looks like this

SELECT AS Airport, AS Terminal,
FROM airport,
WHERE airport.terminal_id =
  AND terminals.flight_id =;

What will the sql maps look like to get this result. Where I'm getting confused is the result set is a combination of tables and so the result set isn't a model object of either of the three tables.

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One option is to create a view/materialized view. – saugata Dec 6 '10 at 6:34
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Create a custom value object(vo) to suit your need.

<sqlMap namespace="Arrival">
<resultMap id="Arrival" class="com.flight.vo.Arrival">
    <result property="airport" column="Airport" />
    <result property="terminal" column="Terminal" />
    <result property="airline" column="airline"/>

<select id="retrieveAllArrivals" resultMap="Arrival.Arrival" >
    select as Airport, as Terminal, flights.airline
    FROM airport, terminals, flights 
    WHERE airport.terminal_id = 
    AND terminals.flight_id =
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