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How do we make a project private in Gitorious? Does Gitorious support it at all? I searched around but couldn't find anything useful, except that Gitorious doesn't seem to have a private mode for projects. Thanks in advance.

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It's not possible in Gitorious at the moment/maybe never. There is an outstanding merge request at the moment here but there is no update as to when it will hit the mainline (i.e. Gitorious.org).

If you want private repositories then you need to host Gitorious yourself - it's easy enough to install, and then make the entire install private.

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Yes, thanks a lot. – devnull Dec 15 '10 at 11:19
I just finished the (wholly painful) gitorious install on my local server. I set the whole instance to private in the config file, then created a repository. While you have to be signed in to browse the repositories, It seems that the git:/ clone URL is still public, and anyone knowing the URL can check it out. Is there a way around this? – Corey O. Apr 8 '11 at 0:27

If you really need private repositories, and you are looking for a free alternative, try BitBucket. Unlimited private repositories, for free!

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Yeah BitBucket's pricing is much better they only charge on the number of collaborators. – Sean Bannister Apr 18 '12 at 4:32

Gitorious now has support for private repos. Get the latest version and add enable_private_repositories: true to config/gitorious.yml. The Gitorious wiki page is https://gitorious.org/gitorious/pages/PrivateRepositories.

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There is a fork of Gitorious called YouSource which has private repositories. The repo is here and there's also a detailed installation guide for it.

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As of Nov 2011, there is a new supported Private Repositories feature being planned, keep tracking of it and support if you can.

Also note that, the private repository feature may be only enabled if you have a local installation.

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As of version 2.2.0, Gitorious supports private repositories. You should check out private-repos branch and you will be able to create private repositories.

More details can be seen in wiki page https://gitorious.org/gitorious/pages/PrivateRepositories

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