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I have a route setting for Profile controller In order to view the profile page like http://localhost/Profile/MyUserName

routes.MapRoute("Profile", "Profile/{userName}", new { controller = "Profile", action = "Index", userName = "" });

These works fine.

My problem is that because the profile controller has many actions Like... Profile/Edit, Profile/Save, Profile/Updates, Profile/etc.... so on.. All of these actions got hit in the route "Profile/{userName}". In order to fix it i have to map all of these actions in the route table which is very ugly bec. i only want to map the route "Profile/{username}"

Is there a way that i can map only 1 route to profile controller and the rest i dont care about their url format?

im using mvc 1

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Instead Profile/{userName} I'm using Profile/View/{userName}. In this way I avoid case, when username is Edit or Save.

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Thanks petch... i guess i should add unique url path in order to avoid clash of routes.. i just thought i wanted to make my url shorter and clean that's why. – Petrick Lim Dec 6 '10 at 9:31

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