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I am trying to create a 3D editor and I am using Prism as my application framework. I wanted a Viewport3D to be a region for my views, and individual trees of Visual3D object to be the views themselves.

The standard way of attaching a view-model to the view is using DataContext. However, none of the Visual3D objects have data context. Therefore I do not have a good way of binding to my view-models. Anybody has encountered the problem? Any solutions beside re-architecting my application such that I don't use Visual3D as my views?


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Every UserControl has a DataContext property. Derive your 3D objects from the UserControl.

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No can do. Each UserControl will have to contain its own Viewport3D - which means its own light-sources and its own depth ordering. I want all objects to be correctly depth-ordered and lit. Many independent Viewport3Ds inside UserControls don't achieve my goal. –  Alex Dec 7 '10 at 9:29

You can create your own custom class and DataContext property in it. You will not be able to enjoy the bindings out-of-the-box.

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Have you got any idea on how to do this? –  gjsduarte Mar 11 '11 at 17:53

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