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Hi all I've got some jsp pages and im using struts to handle my forms. After submitting a form by user, the url shown in address bar becomes somthing.action, so when the user refreshes the page, the forms gets submitted again. How can I handle this? after submission of a form, Is there any possible way to show a ".jsp" url instead of a ".action" in the address bar?

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Yes, use redirect-after-post. Either response.sendRedirect("foo.jsp"), or see here or here (depending on what exactly your code is).

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If you are using Struts 2, it has a Token interceptor, to prevent duplicate form submissions -


And an example: https://cwiki.apache.org/WW/token-interceptor.html

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If you redirect user to some page (it can by same as form) after you make action, it will not send post data if page will by refreshed.

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