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for the develop require ,we always need some fake data,so i want to know is there some way to quick generate data to db,then we can test it as soon as possible

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I'd go to factory girl gem, which allows you to create data blueprints to generate data easily:


or Machinist: https://github.com/notahat/machinist

I personnaly use Machinist, but I know a lot of people like Factory Girl.

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You have a file in you rails_app/db directory called seed.rb You can put your initial data there.

Have a look at this railscasts #179 => Seed Data

After putting dummy data in the file you can run the rake command rake db:seed this will put all the contents of your seed.rb file in your database and create initial records to play with. :D

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you can use Faker gem (here is how to do it)

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The website is faker.rubyforge.org –  Zabba Dec 6 '10 at 11:43

Faker is what I generally use to seed the database. Here is the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial Link on how to set it up.


Section 9.3.2

Also checkout the github page for other options of items you can generate, but this is a great quick and easy how to.

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