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I need to know how can I add products into cart using API. I have a list of products with details, I am trying to call the API from outside Magento. In which Magento's core class implements this function??

Thanks in Advance..

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magento uses MVC and by looking at the cart link you can extract the path to the module, however


is the method you are looking for , remember that it is depending on session

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In order to add to the cart you're going to have to implement your own API. That can be difficult because as Anton mentioned, it depends on session.

There was a project out there at one time, Mammoth Web Services, by some guys in the UK, but the project has gone silent.

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If you have magento id's for your products this is fairly simple

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No I want to write an API to add items to cart and remove items from cart. – Damodaran Dec 8 '10 at 4:49,%202010%29

included in apparently, though not on the official API documentation yet

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