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How can I prevent ASP.NET page from automatically binding data controls on the page? I want to increase performance and I want to do binding of each data control based on my own order.

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Simple, don't setup data binding on the controls in the designer.

You would then have to bind the controls inside the code behind part of the page with code.

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So simple but really helped a lot. Thanks! – afsharm Dec 7 '10 at 11:28

Not quite what the OP asked for but it is also possible to cancel the Select operation on the Datasource control by adding an event handler to the Selecting event.

public void DataSource_Selecting(object sender, ObjectDataSourceSelectingEventArgs e)
    if (CancelSelect())
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This is a good trick to stop the gridview loading the data, even with the DataSource="" set at design time. And like Tony said, just re-BIND it when you want in the code behind or button or anything else you want to trigger a data load. – Fernando68 Aug 25 at 0:52

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