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Is there a way to find all nodes belonging to the cluster of the web-application? I know on JBoss i can use HAServiceMBeanSupport to get information about all nodes(hostname, IP-adress), but how can I achieve something similar on Tomcat, WebSpere, Glassfish, Oracle AS, Jetty, WebLogic? (Best would be an interface which works for all of them)

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As far as I know, it depends of the capabilities of your Applicationserver.

There is no "standardway" to do this.

You can try the following:

The class ServletContextListener has two methods. You can calculate the hostname and the IP-Adress(es) within the create method, and delete the node in the destroy method.

This way has problems during a VM-crash the destroy-method will not be called, for instance.

EDIT: Does your software need a Database? If so, all clusternodes have to use the same database instance. If your app is deployed without a cluster it uses a "private" database. You need a shared DB:

Table: NODES


as1.cluster | < ip >

as2.cluster | < ip2 >

If only onne line inserted to that DB, there is no cluster.

But this table may be corrupted, if a node crashes and does not remove its entry from this Table.

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hmm, but how can the application dectect that it is in a cluster at all? Assuming you deployed the app on two machines that does NOT run in a cluster. Anyway I have problems finding an app-server specific solution for this... –  Zak_Rhol Dec 6 '10 at 16:15
If they run in a Cluster, they have to share the same Database (if a database is used). If they run in different Cluster or as single Applicationserver they should use different Databases. If you can use EJB 3.1(?) there is a Clusterwide Singleton-Bean. –  Christian Kuetbach Dec 6 '10 at 19:13
The problem is the app CAN be deployed in a cluster but doesnt have to. Currently I dont know that when the App-archive is built, thats why I try to detect if it's clustered or not when the application runs. If thats not possible then we must make a different config/setup for clustered application (actually we dont want that, as it requires more config from our customer). –  Zak_Rhol Dec 7 '10 at 7:58
I edited my answer. –  Christian Kuetbach Dec 7 '10 at 8:04
ok this workaround is an idea, but as you mentioned it's not fail-save without some additional observing service. My team and I will check what best fit to out needs (maybe some singleton-service). Tanks for your ideas. –  Zak_Rhol Dec 7 '10 at 10:33

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