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I have a bunch of java objects that are made available to some javascript code in my Android application via the addJavascriptInterface in the WebView.

However, the problem with this is that when a method call from my java objects results in an exception, it crashes the whole WebView thread. Is there any way I can recieve exceptions arising from java method calls from within javascript code??

for example, is something like this possible in javascript from within Android? If not then is there a specific pattern already available to solve this problem?

} catch(e) {
  //do something here.

where javaObject is made available to javascript via WebView.addJavascriptInterface()

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Add a default exception handler to the thread in which the bound object is running, which will call addJavascriptInterface() for the exception object?

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Hey OrangeDog, I understood what you are saying. Basically setting call a Thread.setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler(). We currently have a solution where each script object is backed up by a java Proxy object. This proxy "pushes" the exception as another script object which can be accessed from the script. However, the problem with that is that it is totally unnatural and I can in no way leverage java-script native exception handling facilities, which is what I need. This is however the best that we can come up with right now :( and our scripts are looking shit-ugly coz of it. ;(

I am fast reaching the conclusion that the behaviour that I am looking for is not possible with Android's WebView. Sad, because the very same thing works perfectly with BlackBerry platform.

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