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As the title says...

I have a route (the first one listed) which looks like this:

    "TopicRoute", // Route name
    "forums/{forumSlug}/{topicSlug}", // URL with parameters
    new { controller = "Forums", action = "Topic"} // Parameter defaults

I can browse to:


and the page loads fine. Yet I have a Html.ActionLink that looks like:

@Html.ActionLink(item.Title, "Topic", new { forumSlug ="my-forum", topicSlug = "my-topic" })

And it won't generate the correct link syntax for me? It generates:

<a href="">My Topic</a>
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Don't forget the controller:

@Html.ActionLink(item.Title, "Topic", 
    new { forumSlug ="my-forum", topicSlug = "my-topic", controller = "Forums" })

or use a named route link:

@Html.RouteLink(item.Title, "TopicRoute", 
    new { forumSlug = "my-forum", topicSlug = "my-topic" })
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Am working against the same controller, so shouldn't need it (I tried with both). Using RouteLink worked as well. – DaRKoN_ Dec 6 '10 at 14:25

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