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for the past couple of weeks I've been interested in getting involved with more robotics programming (specifically, humanoid robots) as a way to expand my horizons and earn more experience in the robotics field. Anyway, I saw the Nao Robot at a tech showcase/ expo and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with programming humanoid robots? I'm an undergraduate student, so I was thinking about buying a humanoid robot, similar to the Nao Robot and implementing/ researching new algorithms algorithms from different fields in computer science like AI and image analysis for a senior project. The problem is that I don't have $16,000 to spend on the Nao Robot. I would not mind spending under $2000 for something though, however I just don't have/know the right resources to get started. If anyone can suggest some links to various humanoid robots that are programmable in c, c++, or java, that would be great. Thanks!

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Instead of buying a robot why don't you use a simulator? In ROS There are many stacks and packages available that can allow you to get started easily, and forget about implementing low-level stuff.

Plus, it's an open source community, to which you can contribute and help world wide robot researchers.

Another thing in favor of simulators, is that you can usually develop the core of your algorithm and get it working on a simulator much more easily than on a real-life situation. Once it's working on the simulator, you can start testing it on a real robot.

Here's a link to a simulator stack in ROS

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I briefly looked through the website. It looks like a very likely alternative solution for me. Thanks for the suggestion. If you have any more ideas for another robot, please let me know. –  Josh Bradley Apr 11 '11 at 0:54

In your budget range, following would be the choice you have... - KTX (Robovie X) from Kumotek (and Vstone) ask Kumotek if you need english support - Manoi from Kyosho - KHR 2 or 3 from Kondo - Plen - Bioloid

My suggestion is KTX. you can get tech support and all the documentation in English... Which is hard for all the other robots except KHR, and Bioloid... You can use the visual based software to create your own motions and control the sensor inputs. Because it supports use of conditional statements (if, for, etc...), it's a lot easier to create complicated motions using sensor input. Also, it has a SDK to write win API to control the robot. Go to this page, you will find more info >> http://robotworkshop-kumotek.blogspot.com/

Why not KHR? KHR is another well made robot but I simply do not like their software. I'm not sure about the latest version of the software but older version did not support conditinal statements and it was hard to make motions with sensor input. Also, KHR and Manoi does not walk... I mean they walk but they falls down easily. you have to spend a lot of time for calibration and setting up the configulation for gyro. KTX? if you assemble it correct, with gyro it will never fall down on flat space.

Why not Bioloid? I haven't played around with it... I don't know...

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It isn't very humanoid (unless you live in a world drawn by Matt Groenig), but the Nabaztag bunny is a programmable robot of a sort, and goes for about $150.

One enterprising developer has even integrated it with their SCM system.

And of course there are always Lego Mindstorms. Some of those are in the same price range, and an ambitious person could try to build whatever robot they want with them.

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