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We have merge modules that will installer pdb files when a certain conditional variable is true however we need this condition to be set.

Can I set this condition in the wix installer and pass it to the merge module somehow?



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There is a lot of documentation on WiX here:… I've found official documentation to be somewhat lacking, good luck. – BlackICE Dec 6 '10 at 15:05

You can set installer properties in merge modules by using this format:


For example:


In your installer you can try using a custom action to set the property used in the merge module condition.

The custom action element can look like this:

<CustomAction Id="SetMsmProperty" Return="check" Property="CONDITION_PROPERTY.32D73316_E513_43C3_99F5_381A4B5F0A78" Value="myValue" />

You can schedule the action after InstallExecuteSequence -> AppSearch, so you can add this InstallExecuteSequence element:

  <Custom Action="SetMsmProperty" After="AppSearch">NOT Installed</Custom>

You can read more about wix custom actions here:

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where abouts in the wxs file would I set this? – Jon Dec 6 '10 at 14:53
I edited my answer. – mrnx Dec 7 '10 at 8:29

I just typically create a subfeature to create a variation point in the installer. You can then put a feature condition on it to control whether the components brought in by the merge modules get installed or not. This is a lot simpler then putting a condition on each component and gives you more flexibility of whether you want to show the "debug symbols" feature to the end user or not.

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