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As per my understaning, 3 layered model is of UI, BLL and DAL. Now am assuming that writing insertData() funcationality, in this case i'll bind all UI-controls value to Business Entity and pass to the BLL --> DAL(since busines entity accessible to all 3 layers). let DAL replace with Linq to SQL, and now i have confusion , Linq to SQL will create classes (equalent to Business enitity) also i ahve business entity on the otherhand in my projects solution,

Q1) Do i need to have both B-entity and L2S classes? Q2) is it possible to remove business entity and L2S classes to use in the same way? if so how? Q3) better idea?

Thanks for help.


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It is possible to use POCOs (your BLL layer classes) with Linq to SQL; Google around for "Linq to SQL POCO" (here is one blog post).

If you are starting a new project, it may also be worth looking in to the Entity Framework instead of Linq to SQL (or if you can use non-MS libraries, maybe even NHibernate; The 3.0 release just came out, I believe it supports Linq).

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