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I create a treeview with several nodes in a WinForms application. I want to add a node to one of this nodes (to a child node).

How do I can do this? Thanks.

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Every Node in treeview(winforms) is having a collection of Nodes so if you got to the node reference than just adding a new node under its collection will do the job

TreeNode node = treeView.SelectedNode;
node.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode());
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+1 This is an excellent answer. – Cody Gray Dec 6 '10 at 15:18
   // Add a root TreeNode for each Customer object in the ArrayList.
   foreach(Customer customer2 in customerArray)
      treeView1.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode(customer2.CustomerName));

      // Add a child treenode for each Order object in the current Customer object.
      foreach(Order order1 in customer2.CustomerOrders)
           new TreeNode(customer2.CustomerName + "." + order1.OrderID));

Entire sample on MSDN...

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By simply using the Add method of the Node collection of a TreeNode


treeNode.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode("Node Name"));
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