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I would like to manipulate GUI applications under Ubuntu. I think it can be done in Windows using UI Automation. At a basic level I would like to simulate clicking the done or "yes" button when faced with an option. The idea would be to eventually read the context and reply appropriately, automatically for any application. Is this possible? Is there an API I haven't found? Not fussed about the implementation language.

Also, would learning the windows way be easier?

Thanks very much.

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While Ubuntu (depending on version) adds some newer things on top, the basic windowing system on most linux machines, corresponding to all windows graphical API's, is the X window system (X11) and its Xlib extensions. So you really want to search for answers in the context of those, rather than Ubuntu.

I tried a web search on "X11 inject mouse event"

Here are some pages about doing it using the XTest extension (which the user must choose to enable by editing a config file)

I would have thought it should be possible without XTest or privileged monkeying around with kernel drivers or device files, but am not finding indications that people have done it.

Another thing to consider is that many linux applications are available in source form. Most ubuntu packaged software can be fetched from the repositories as source and then built for you. So you could modify the programs to take commands from an additional source, for example stdin or a unix domain socket. Actually, many unix-y GUI programs already have a mode for accepting commands on stdin, so that they can be used in scripts.

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Thanks, x11 was the key bit of knowledge I was missing to get started. Looks like it will be possible with a bit of learning. – Rob G Dec 6 '10 at 16:04

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