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For example, when I type

Scanner s;

then, right after I type the '.' one popup windows comes up with all the Scanner methods, the first one being highlighted, and a second popup window comes up with the javadoc for that first method (close()). I can use the up and down arrows to select different methods and their docs show up in the second popup. Awesome.

But, when I type:

String s;

then I get the first popup with the methods but not the second popup with the method's javadoc. How do I get that second popup to pop up?

I think this was working before...not sure.

I'm on a Mac.

I visited Preferences->installed JREs and took a look at the current value, which is JVM 1.6.0 (Mac Os X Default). All the Javadoc Locations there point to Maybe there was some problem downloading these docs?

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Ahh, after posting I noticed the url now forwards to oracle so I changed the javadoc URLS to and now it works.

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Good show! Now answer your own question:) – Knubo Dec 6 '10 at 16:37

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