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We've recently made a new homepage and want to point users to the new one. I went into the existing group policy under User Configuration > Windows Settings > Internet Explorer > URLs and changed the homepage to the new one. The policy is at the domain level, enforced, link enabled and applying to authenticated users. We've gpupdate /force 'd computers, restarted, nothing is changing. I've looked at the other settings for internet explorer and don't see anything that would conflict. Am I missing something?

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I think the behavior behavior of policies under Windows Settings -> Internet Explorer is somewhat different. I guess these only affect default configuration, so if user already had home page configured they don't modify it.

There are new settings for IE that have standard GP behavior under

User Configuration ->   
   Administrative Templates ->  
      Windows Components ->  
         Internet Explorer   

The setting you want is called Disable changing home page settings. Despite the name, you can set a home page URL in this setting, and it will be enforced for all affected users.

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Sorry I forgot to close this question, it turned out there was another GP that had the homepage set and it was overriding the change on the one I made. – Shawn Mar 14 '11 at 13:51

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