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Hi how to skip a character and move the cursor to the next position in a string? For instance within the input string 123-4-789, when I insert 5 in between 4 and - it should become 123-45-789 and the cursor should be between - and 7 instead of 5 and -. So if 6 is inserted now string should become 123-45-6789.

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Perhaps have a look at the A-Tools plugin for jQuery.

Basic usage appears to be:

var cSelection = $("#myInput").getSelection();

/* might give, (start and end would be equal for normal caret operation) */
cSelection = { 'start': 0, 'end': 3, 'text': '123', 'length': 3 };

/* move caret to one place after end of selection */
$('#myInput').setCaretPos(cSelection.end + 1);
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