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function ganttChart(gContainerID) {

    this.gContainer = document.getElementById(gContainerID); 

    this.gAttatchMove = function(self) {

        self.gContainer.onmousemove = function() {

            if (self.gIsDraggingBar) {

                self.gBarBeingDragged.style.left = (self.gBarStartX - (self.gMouseStartX - self.gCurrentMouseX)) + "px";


        self.gContainer.onmouseup = function() {
            self.gIsDraggingBar = false;

    var self = this;

   // Update mouse coords
    this.gUpdateMousePos = function(evt) {
        if (window.event) {
            this.gCurrentMouseX = event.x;
            this.gCurrentMouseY = event.y;
        else {
            this.gCurrentMouseX = evt.x;
            this.gCurrentMouseY = evt.y;

This works fine in Chrome, but FF throws the error:

evt is undefined

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You need to pass the mousemove event into this.gUpdateMousePos():

self.gContainer.onmousemove = function(evt) {
    if (self.gIsDraggingBar) {
        // And the rest follows here

IE only supplies the current event via window.event. Firefox only supplies it via a parameter passed into the event handler function (which you were not passing on, hence the error). Chrome and Safari do both (hence no error in Chrome).

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