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I'm doing some serious hacking. And at a certain point in my row of methods, all my params are lost, and there's no way for me to differentiate between two objects innapropriately sharing the same controller.

I thought I could do it by calling something like params[:foo] == "bar" , but at this point in the series of methods, there are no params available. That is because it is a method called before create.

create.before :create_before

However! They would have different URL's! So if I can just find a way to pull the params of the current url, I can solve this problem.

Any takers?

This is Rails 2.3.5

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If you're actually in the controller, you can call request.path, which will return the currently requested path. However, given that params is not available, you may not actually be in a controller at that point. You have any code you can share?

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hmm.. yah request.path gives me the unitialized constant error.. – Trip Dec 6 '10 at 17:57
i ended up cleaning up my filthy code and being a good programmer. fixed my problem. thanks for the help – Trip Dec 6 '10 at 18:17

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