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As part of my template I show some automatic links which are created in the application_controller. Some of these links will offer a navigation direct from a show page to a corresponding edit page, and a few similar things.

My current code includes:

nav_links  << {:name=>:edit,:url=>url_for(:action => :edit)}

This works great apart from I have child resources defined in my routes.rb file.

In this case instead of navigating to:


It navigates to


which isn't a valid route.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be much appreciated. I'm keen to avoid special case where at all possible.

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A little confused - why not just use the routes resources define for you. Given that you mentioned 'child resource', I can assume you've declared these resources? If so - you should have a host of routes available to you...

  • Fire off 'rake routes' from the command line
  • Find your route
  • It will most likely take two arguments and look something like this (roughly):

    edit_a_b GET /a/:a_id/b/:id

  • Just use edit_a_b_url(@a, @b)

Hope this helps.

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Because I'm doing this in application controller this code is run for every controller, and so I need to find the edit action for the current controller, not a known one. – Leo Dec 9 '10 at 18:49

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