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I've been going off of and downloaded the files but I'm a little lost since I've never done this before.

I've installed Tomcat 6.x Installed Eclipse Java EE but I don't know what kind of project to use to create a webservice and how to load and compile the code to the service.

Am I going about this the right way in using eclipse?

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What's the question? How to use REST and Java EE? What kind of sample project to start? Where to find a sample project? – justkt Dec 6 '10 at 18:07
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Here is an REST (JAX-RS) example I put together. You will probably find part 4 the most helpful:

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That article is old. Since then, the Java standards committee created a new API named JAX-RS (The REST counterpart to JAX-WS). Like JAX-WS, this is meant to standardize REST web service layers.

Its reference implementation is Jersey, which supports JAX-RS 0.8, 1.0, and 1.1.

I understand that Apache CXF has support for JAX-RS 0.8, but it is unclear about 1.0/1.1 support.

JBoss has RESTEasy. However, it is not immediately clear which versions of JAX-RS are supported by RESTEasy.

Another popular JAX-RS framework is Restlet. Unfortunately, I can't open their site from here to say which versions of JAX-RS they support.

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If all you're creating is a lightweight RESTful service you can also look at GlassFish which provides a simple http server for REST.

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You'll create a web project to deploy a web service of any kind. It'll be packaged in a WAR and deployed on Tomcat.

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The given link is pretty Old. I suggest you to download dependencies manually and try it by following new tutorial. The easiest way to do it with Jersey(JAX-RS) and tomcat.Anyway there is no wizard to follow create REST service project with Eclipse Java EE. So you should download Jersey and follow this link.

This will help you to create a REST project with Eclipse.

Regards, -Lasith.

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