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I want to use vim and ctags for storing my own information in one folder. Is any way to implement this ?

Example: i want to insert a piece of information about mysql, im creating a file or other new structure which can be parsed by ctags in future.

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Yes. You can implement it in two ways as follows

  • Create 2 files in a folder tags & toc
  • Now add a piece of information (the bit about mysql) in a 3rd file called data , use a pattern such as TOPIC: MySql as the heading for this piece of info
  • Now You can write a script to automatically build your toc & tags file, but for this excercise we will do it manually

data file contents

--Lots of other data
TOPIC: MySql nugget
MySql is a cool open-source database. 
But Cassandra & NoSql are all the rage today.

tags file contents

MySql   data    /^TOPIC: MySql$/;"

toc file contents

Table of Contents

Now load up the toc file place your cursor on M of MySql and hit Ctrl ] it should automatically load up the data file and place your cursor at the begining of TOPIC: MySql

You can create any number of data files, each having any number of TOPIC: strings and you can create any number of patterns (in effect) devise your own language and have ctags automatically create a tags for you.FORMAT

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