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I'm writing a Qt application that needs to save some settings to the user's configuration directory.

I've come up with the following code to get this folder:

#ifdef Q_WS_WIN
    path = QDir::homePath() + "/Application Data/Timely";
    path = QDir::homePath() + "/.config/Timely";

This fails on Windows 7 cause Windows 7 uses App Data/Roaming/[YourApp]. How can I get the user's configuration folder in a cross-platform way? I'm I missing something obvious? (this is supposed to be an easy task)

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Depends on the settings you want to record, but I would suggest to use QSettings.

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Yes, this is supposed to be an easy task - but you're not supposed to hard-code paths. You should use the native APIs on win/mac, and an enviroment variable on most newer unix-like. Of course, Qt helps you do this cross-platform.

Follow Tibur's suggestion and use QSettings if it's configuration data for your Qt app. You can also get the config directory by using the appropriate QT api.

QT4: QDesktopServices::storageLocation(QDesktopServices::DataLocation)
QT5: QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::GenericDataLocation)

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I use QSettings for simple values that make sense to put in the Windows registry or an INI file, and SQLite for more complicated setups. In Qt5, put the SQLite database in QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::ConfigLocation). In Qt4, put the SQLite database in QDesktopServices as gnud suggested (deprecated in Qt5).

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