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Does anyone know of some example Haskell projects that a newbie could learn from? Not something big like darcs or xmonad, but something that is simple to understand, well commented, and follows up to date best practices.

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First of all, study libraries. I'd start with the Standard Prelude. Not only does it contain example Haskell code, but it also is something you should be very familiar with as a Haskell programmer. Ditto for some of the code in the Haskell Hierarchical Libraries. Again, it's good to be familiar with things like Data.(Map, List, Maybe, Either), Control.Monad, etc. This naturally will lead you to other packages outside of the hierarchical libraries that are very frequently used--things like mtl and transformers. I've also heard other people mention things like ByteString and Data.Text as examples of well-written code.

Second, it's good to study packages that are more standalone. I might recommend pandoc because it is both a library and an executable program. It's bigger than xmonad, but smaller than Darcs. Actually, xmonad certainly also fits into this category and might be considered a better example than pandoc.

Also, I'm a contributor to the Snap Framework. We spent a lot of effort trying to make the code as clean as possible. snap-server might be a little more involved than you're looking for since it's very performance-oriented, but the Heist templating system is a bit less complex and might be of interest.

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I've liked using pandoc as a starter learning project so far. –  user1250537 Mar 9 '13 at 0:55

Have you seen some of the projects here. These are not big at all. While they may not be the benchmark implementation but they can be good for learning.

[Edit: Links to projects]

Also hackage provides a lot of projects whose sources can be read and they are by themselves a mini project.

In fact, GitHub has many ongoing haskell projects. You can pick an interesting one from there too.

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this link github.com/feuerbach/loker seems dead. –  zurgl Mar 10 '13 at 10:47

Here are some general project listings on Haskell.org.

  • General list
  • An older real world list and forward pointers
  • Applications and Libraries list by importance and by topic
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