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I'm using malsup's amazing jQuery Cycle plug-in for a small gallery. I've created thumbnail pagination with this code:

    fx:     'fade', 
    speed:  'fast', 
    timeout: 0, 
    pager:  '#pagination',
    pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) { 
    return '#pagination li:eq(' + idx + ') a'; 


What I'd love to do is make the pagination a horizontal carousel using Cycle's built-in "scrollHoriz" effect, but I don't know how! I could use the jQuery Carousel plug-in, but it just seems silly to add a whole new plugin when I'm sure Cycle has the capability. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions on how I might go about it? Thanks!

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Actually youre better off using an actual carousel plugin like jCarousel. You could do it using cycle as the base, but there is a lot of additional functionality you would need to create - essentially writing your own plugin. Youre better off just using a carousel plugin form the start.

There is even a question somewhere on SO where the author of Cycle says as much :-)

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Yea, that's a good point. I'll have to brush up on my jQuery and maybe I can write my own plug-in! Until then I'll just use jCarousel.Thanks, prodigitalson! – kgrote Dec 9 '10 at 16:29

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