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I've been learning Prolog for the past two months. I want to increase my knowledge as soon as possible.

Am asking if someone can point me to where i can get Prolog exercises and practice them. I also welcome examination questions as well from universities.

Thanks for your help.

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See stackoverflow.com/questions/401635/… . Many of those answers are relatively "hands-on". –  aschepler Dec 6 '10 at 19:30

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This really helped me, just follow the examples and run them one by one. Hope it helps.

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In addition to the resources linked in the answers to the previous question linked by aschepler, you might look at Werner Hett's Prologsite 99 problem set:

This is a remake of the P-99: Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems collection that I assembled over several years of teaching at the University of Applied Sciences (Berner Fachhochschule) at Biel-Bienne, Switzerland. The collection is structured into seven sections. I have renumbered the problems in order to get more freedom to rearrange things within the sections.

It might be the ladder to rapidly increase your knowledge after a couple of months of introductory study.

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