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For some reason this Button is automatically calling bot_analysis_frame without the button being pressed. I'm guessing it's because the command is a function with arguments...is there a way to have the button only call this function and pass the required variables ONLY upon being pressed?

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Read the section here on passing callbacks.

You are storing the result of that function to the command argument and not the function itself.

I believe this:

command = lambda: bot_analysis_frame(eventConditionL,eventBreakL)

might work for you.

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Note that closures created in a loop will not work as "expected" (it actually works correctly, yu just have to get that closures really capture variables, not values). All the functions created in [lambda: print(i) for i in range(5)] will print the final value of i, 4. You can hack around this by default arguments, which are bound at definition time: lambda i=i: print(i) will work. –  delnan Dec 6 '10 at 19:48
Thank you! This worked quite well. –  thenickname Dec 6 '10 at 20:06

I'm pretty sure this has been answered before. Instead of this:


You could use lambda like so:

       command=lambda: bot_analysis_frame(eventConditionL, eventBreakL)).pack(side=LEFT)
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