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I'm working with Ruby on Rails 2.3.8 and I've got a collection that is built from other two collections, as follows:

@coll1 = Model1.all
@coll2 = Model2.all

@coll = @coll1 << @coll2

Now, I would like to sort that collection by created_at attribute in descendant order. So, I did the following:

@sorted_coll = @coll.sort {|a,b| b.created_at <=> a.created_at}

And I've got the following exception:

undefined method `created_at' for #<Array:0x5c1d440>

eventhought it exists for those models.

Could anyboy help me please?

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If you're sorting an array of objects you should use sort_by instead of sort. There are times sort is faster, but object access isn't one of them. – the Tin Man Dec 6 '10 at 21:01

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You were pushing another array as another element into the @coll1 array, you have two options:

Flatten the resulting array:


Or preferably just use the + method:

@coll = @coll1 + @coll2

And for sorting you should use sort_by:

@sorted_coll = @coll.sort_by { |obj| obj.created_at }
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@coll1 = Model1.all
@coll2 = Model2.all

@coll = @coll1 + @coll2

@sorted_coll = @coll.sort_by { |a| a.created_at } 
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you have a nested array inside your @coll variable. like so:


@sorted = @coll1 + @coll2

then sort.

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As Jed Schneider indicates, the solution is:

@coll1 = Model1.all
@coll2 = Model2.all

@coll = @coll1 + @coll2 # use + instead of <<
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