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I have the Visual Studio 2010 image library and I would really like to use those images on my web application. So far I've seen that it's allowed to use the Visual Studio 2010 image library, but it's not clear what exact license should be read and if you could use it on a web application. What restrictions does the license have and maybe what are the disadvantages in using this library?

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You can use the images in any type of application, so you can use them in a web application. There doesn't seem to be an explicit licence on them, apart from being "free to use". Somasegar (Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Developer Division) originally blogged about this icon set when they were released with VS2005, stating that they could be used in Windows or web applications.

The only reference I can find to some kind of licencing conditions is that you have to use them "in a manner consistent with the definitions found in the readme file" (source).

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Others have asked your question on MSDN but haven't found an answer on the exact license.

That said (and remember, I am not a lawyer), this blog entry implies that there are no licensing issues; they're free to use without the necessity of a license disclaimer, provided you follow the rules of use (see the readme files).

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Official answer from the Visual Studio team:

I had our legal folks look into this and here is the feedback: "Examining the license for VS2010 ultimate I see the following provision which explicitly grants distribution rights and does not limit the format to installed applications, but does in some instances overlay specific usage restrictions (see MSDN article) that show up in the main categories and generally apply to usage context meaning: “Image Library. You may copy and distribute images and animations in the Image Library as described in the software documentation. You may also modify that content. If you modify the content, it must be for use that is consistent with the permitted use of the unmodified content.”

Therefore the official word is that the VS license covers our terms, which has no restriction against web applications as long as the images are used as described in the readme's in each folder of the library.

Source: https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/629031/visual-studio-image-library-license

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